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About Ceys

Founded in 1962, CEYS is the Spanish market leader in glues, sealants, and products for DIY and construction. We are specialised in the adhesives and sealants market thanks to our extensive experience in the industry.

CEYS manufactures a wide range of glues, adhesives, silicones, putties, repairers, DIY tapes, etc. which can be used for all types of materials and applications to meet every bonding and sealing need.

Porta We have a highly professional and qualified team with excellent technical and business skills. Their knowledge about the market, consumer needs, trends and innovations that occur in different fields guarantee the highest quality and innovation levels in the market.

Our high level of innovation makes it possible for us to always be at the forefront of our markets by always offering the most effective, practical, safe, simple, and appropriate product to meet the needs of our consumers.

We have an R&D centre and a manufacturing plant in Bigues i Riells. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies, enabling us to reach the highest quality and efficiency levels. Additionally, the excellent location of our logistics centre makes enables us to offer the fast service level our customers require today.

Avda. Carrilet 29 - 299

08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)

93 260 68 00